About Margaret

Margaret Guthrie is an Intuitive holistic therapist; she works intuitively with each person to help to identify the areas that need to be cleared & strengthened that impact our body, mind & spirit which ultimately affect your overall health & wellbeing. She uses a combination of various therapies & energies that work for your highest good. There is no limit to the combination, “in spirit I trust”. No one treatment is ever identical.

Margaret started on her journey in 1997 with first aid & sport injury in GMIT, continuing in 1998 Anatomy Physiology & Body Massage, from there, Sports Therapy, Sports Massage, Advanced Energy & Myofascial release techniques, Reflexology, Indian Style Head Massage, Reiki, Sports Equipment, Nutritional Therapy, conference in Applied Functional Medicine, Seichim SKHM, Crystal healing.

Margaret is continually attending conferences & courses to keep up to date in her field. She is always passionate & excited about learning, practising & sharing new techniques. Continuous study will always be part of her journey to keep evolving in this area, her life & consciousness. She believes looking after our body holistically is ensuring well balanced health in Mind, Body & Spirit

Loving every aspect of her work, Margaret is eager to work with all ailments & conditions and if together you cannot find the answers she will refer you to a relevant practitioner.

Each individual person will react in different ways to each treatment. So it is important to treat every person as an individual.

Contact Margaret on 0863845644