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It is a day of pure relaxation fun and laughter. You go in with a notion of what to expect with some nerves and leave with few surprises both physical and with food for thought. Everyone is put at ease straight away with Margaret, Dave, Cleo and her little helpers. The ladies in the group were all warm and very welcoming. It’s amazing how willing everyone is prepared to share but at the same time don’t over share. One steps out of their comfort zone little by little throughout the day. The best bit is when you hear about other people’s experiences on the day and how Margaret can just tap in to each individual even though it is group work. Margaret’s knowledge and understanding of each person’s experience is explained to each person throughout the day so that person understands it but at the same time honouring the person’s confidentiality.

The food was fab and the chocolate biscuit cake topped off the day. Access to tea, water and food was there all day at any time. The freedom was there to leave the group to enjoy time on one’s own with a cupa or walk down by the river.

Do step out of your comfort and enjoy one of Margaret’s work shop. - Susan 


I was at one of Margaret’s weekend and I found the attention to detail second to none. From her welcome when I arrived to settling us in and giving me my own time. Knowing I could go to Margaret at any time with a question and she was happy to sit and have a cuppa and a chat. Really refreshing. All the hidden work that she and Dave do behind the scenes is unbelievable, I certainly didn’t expect all that there was. I thoroughly enjoyed every second, from free time roaming or reading of which I never get a chance to do normally. To sitting with the group for delicious home cooked meals and the workshops, WOW WOW WOW. I’ve come away lighter than I thought I would. I didn’t go with nay expectations other than switching off, well I came away with releasing a lot of tension and stress and receiving the energy I needed to go about my everyday life. All I can say is go for it and see for yourself. Thank you so so so so so much Margaret, Dave & Cleo xxx  ~ Sylvia V 


Deciding on when I wanted to go on my Reiki journey and who to go with was mind boggling as there are so many Reiki teachers out there. Margaret put me at ease when I called her, by saying if I’m the right teacher for you it’ll work out and if I’m not I’m very happy to recommend another. How refreshing. Then to arrive to her class excited yet nervous, she soon put me at ease with her welcome. The day went very smooth giving us all time to ask questions none were dismissed or unexplained, all day long Margaret’s attention to each person was endearing and special. I came away with a great understanding of Reiki and I’m so excited to now be a Reiki Practitioner which Margaret also supports. Looking forward to Masters and Teachers with Amethyst Health. ~ Julie



I attended a retreat with Margaret from Amethyst Health in April, where I was first hestitant on going but with Margaret's gentle hand of support and encouragement I decided to give it a go. With no expectations and an uncertainty of what was in store, I was surrounded with loving, like minded people, who provided me with such clarity, support, love, kindness and friendship. I attended the retreat with a bag of emotions, negative patterns and unanswered questions/ lessons to letting go of it all and allowing myself to receive a sense of freedom, understanding, healing, clarity and being true to myself. I will be forever grateful to Margaret and to my new friendships for the most eye opening and amazing weekend to date. I would highly recommend Margaret's retreats especially in a time you try to resist it.

Thank you Margaret for sharing your amazing gifts, passion and true self, Caitin



I attended Amethyst Health for a neck injury, after having 3-4 sessions the benefits were great. I had relieve from headaches & neck pain. I am back swimming & cycling again. Also I found Margaret recommends particular exercises & stretches at home, so if I feel it is tightening up i can keep it under control. Thank you Margaret. -Mike 



I've had several healing sessions with Margaret, she has a unique abillty to make you feel totally relaxed, nurtured and safe helping you to let go. She is not only highly intuitive but also gets beautiful messages from Spirit and her healings are very powerful - they continue to work even after you leave the session for some time - a true sign of a gifted healer who works directly with the love of Spirit. I highly recommend her.  - Melanie

Blessings to Amethyst Health for bringing vitality back in my life! I've been in and out of the hospital, my overall health was deteriorating as a result of the condition i was diagnosed with, uterine fibroids. I was anaemic, my energy levels were low, and was hard to perform simple everyday tasks. I was prescribed drugs that weren't helping, and i could feel the life being drawn out of me. I had heard from someone that i should contact Margaret and probably she would be able to help. First thing i did after leaving the hospital: i meet Margaret. There and then, she took care of me, she had a look at the doctor's exam, and we talked about the symptoms and my overall health. There, i was prescribed a diet plan together with supplements to be taken daily. After one week of following the health program i could feel an improvement, my concentration and energy levels were incresing, something i was craving for, i could focus back on my studies. Since then, my body defenses got stronger, recovery is much quicker than it used to be and my blood cells are at a normal level. Amethyst Health brought vitality back into my life! I'm grateful for the attention, care (love) and results provided by Margaret at Amethyst health, I recommended to friends and to everyone who's looking for an improvement in health and life! Thank you so much!!! -Dalila



I booked a healing session at Amethyst Health hoping for an energy boost,  I wasn't too sure what to expect. Having a treatment was like going on a very relaxing inner healing journey, I felt so safe and at ease. Margaret identified a health problem that I had gotten so use to living with I didn't even mention it. The root of the problem was identified and dealt with. I feel like someone has taken a very heavy cumbersome overcoat off me and I have the energy to do as I please. I can't thank Margaret enough. -Angela 



Margaret is an incredibly gifted and healing practitioner. Her genuine, kind and gentle personality immediately puts you at ease and allays your fear. I had severely cold, sore and swollen hands and feet that started to immediately heal with Margaret’s assistance. I am so grateful to Margaret for the healing and growth that she facilitated and I highly recommend her.  ~ Lesley