As a Professional Celebrant, I have been trained to create a ceremony to include your wishes and tailor each aspect to your desires. For me to hold the space for you both in your ceremony is a privilege and I would be honoured to work with you in making your dreams a reality when it counts. 


There are no set rules or restrictions on what can and cannot be contained within the wedding ceremony designed especially for and with you. As long as it is accessible, appropriate and safe, you could get married on a beach, in a castle, in nature, in your childhood home or a hotel etc. The choice is all yours.


As I am a celebrant, not a solemniser, my services are purely ceremonial. To have your wedding legalised you will need to sign your marriage certificate with the HSE. For all the legality’s check out the HSE website:


Here’s a quick view of what’s needed: 

Notice of Intention to Marry:

All couples in Ireland (regardless of the ceremony they are having) must provide notice of their intent to marry to the HSE in person.

It costs €200 and a minimum of 3 months’ notice is required. The HSE gives you permission to marry each other at this meeting and issues a MRF (Marriage Registration Form). HSE Website provides further information. This needs to be done three months prior to your wedding, at a minimum, but as they are very busy it's best to leave yourself six months to organise. 


The Legal Signing of the Marriage:

The MRF is the form that allows the legal signing and registration of the marriage in Ireland. The legal signing is performed by solemniser, which in your case will be the HSE Civil Servant at their offices. You can arrange a date for the legal signing with the HSE during your Notice of Intent meeting. There is no cost by the HSE for the legal signing.


Next, you need to decide who will conduct your ceremony.

There are a number of options available to you. Having a non-church wedding opens up a lot more alternative and more scope to add personal touches. You can choose between two types, a wedding ceremony with a solemniser or a celebrant.


I offer a ceremony that is bespoke and unique to you, bringing in the highlights of your journey thus far, all of what you wish to share on your special day. The ceremony will reflect your personalities and include rituals that have meaning to you or you have been drawn to.

e.g. tying the knot; Hand Fasting, Exchange of gifts, Sand ritual, Candle ceremony, Love letters or Elemental ceremony and bespoke rituals to name but a few. Each ceremony is unique and all aspects can be adapted and built on to for your special day. 


Some examples;


Unity Candle

Two candles are lit at the beginning of the ceremony to honour the departed from both sides of the wedding. Then the mothers of the bride and groom are invited up to take the light from those candles to light two more candles. Finally, the couple light one last candle, from the light from the first four candles. At the end you will have five candles lit, representing the families generations.


Hand Fasting Ceremony

This involves the couple putting their hands together and pieces of ribbon or cord being tied around their hand, symbolising the bond of love. It's an old pagan ritual and is where the sayings 'tying the knot' and 'hand in marriage' come from. Lorraine says it's a lovely way to include children into the ceremony, whether they are the couple's own children or relatives.


I am very happy to discuss with you any details that you’ve seen at other weddings and wish to utilise or simply alter to make your own. 

The beauty of been a celebrant is I’m not associated with any religion, building or day, so within reason the world is your oyster! 


Deciding on a wedding celebrant that suits your needs and personality will make you feel at ease and allow your ceremony to be all about you. 

To book your Wedding Ceremony date with Amethyst Health please feel free to contact us on 0863845644