About Margaret

I am Margaret Guthrie Nally owner, practitioner, teacher, celebrant of Amethyst Health. I am truly passionate about health and wellbeing, my ethos is simple, health and happiness. My passion is to explore the root cause of dis-ease, illness, conditions, and symptoms, finding ways to support your body, mind, and soul through varying functional modalities to live a healthier, happier, and fulfilled life.

I have an original and quiet unique way of looking at connecting to the lower realms of your being. I hold a sacred space to bring forth medicine and tools to help you. To harness your skills, from your own relationships, whilst stepping out of the way of deeper healing, in return to help you heal at a level you are ready for. I am a vessel that creates this safe and sacred space to allow you to open to your own awareness for self-healing. To me it is the importance of looking into all aspects of health and wellbeing and what works best for each individual person.

I started my journey of study in 1997, with first aid & sport injury in GMIT, continuing in 1998 Anatomy Physiology & Body Massage, from there, Sports Therapy, Sports Massage, Advanced Energy & Myofascial release techniques, Reflexology, Indian Style Head Massage, Reiki, Sports Equipment, Neuromuscular Technique, Nutritional Therapy, conference in Applied Functional Medicine, Seichim SKHM, Crystal Healing, The Dorn Method, Shamanic Healing, Advanced Shamanic studies, Rahanni Celestial Healing, Kundalini Yoga, Professional Celebrant and End of Life Doula. I feel I will always continue to study and research to help not just myself but others to understand and gain knowledge on how to live the life we desire.

From birth to death, my passion is all about the support and wellbeing of you. Be it a therapy to ease out the physical, a space to release the emotional, a ceremony or ritual for spiritual healing, to bind your soul with another’s in your life journey, or honour that final part of your earthly body through death. Loving every aspect of my work, I am eager to work with all ailments & conditions and if together we cannot find the answers, I will refer you to a relevant practitioner.

Each individual person will react in different ways to each treatment. So, it is important to treat every person as an individual. ©

Health & happiness Margaret

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