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Crystal Healing Massage 

The combination of Crystal Vibrational Medicine and Massage techniques leaves the body relaxed, rejuvenated and aids blockages of unwanted energy to be released. With the use of oils, the crystals glide over the muscles, releasing tension and relaxing your muscles. Crystal healing massage concentrates on the whole person on the energetic level, rather than focusing solely on the physical, mechanical structure, and in this regard, it is a true holistic therapy.

Crystal massages are of great benefit when it comes to facilitating the interconnectedness of the body, as they can improve many different states of the body, mind, and spirit. Massaging with crystals encourages the balancing of the left and right sides of the body. Different aspects are attributed to these two sides.

The right side represents the masculine principle: intellectual, active, future oriented. It also suggests authoritativeness, assertiveness, and goal-orientation. The left side represents the feminine, nurturing nature: intuition, the past, patience, and an ability to relate to people and situations. We can work with both our intuition and our intellect if the right and left side of the body are in harmony. A blockage can also build up just on one side of the body, either the emotional or the intellectual side, depending on our inner attitude.

When receiving a Crystal Healing Massage you always will be treated on both sides of the body to optimise balance in your body, mind and soul.

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