Land and house healing and clearing. 

It’s normally takes between 1.5hr to 3hrs (depending on size of site and house). Which entails balancing of geopathic stress and ley lines. Removing any energetic blocks that are found, and returning those souls, that may be held within the energy, home to their rightful place in the universe. 

Geopathic Stress is the term used for bodily stresses that derive from the place where we live or work. These stresses may be due to the effect of underground water flows, rock faults, or energy line that are called Ley Lines. These lines are part of the Earth's energy system. They are the main meridians of earth and the most ancient geobiology elements.

When there is a disturbance in these lines it can cause many physical and emotional as well as spiritual imbalances on the land, home and the people living or working on it. There are varying degrees of these lines and the disturbances they may cause.

When I come out on land:

I come out onsite, check the ley lines, connect with the Ancestors of the land and home and any energies that may still be there, then healing takes place and clearing and I suggest the remedies for the home and land and the people that may be affected by it. 

When I do this remotely (from my space) 

I get a simple lay out of your home - will send examples if booking this option. 

Once the healing and clearing is completed, I then send a report on my findings and the remedies that need to be set in place. 

When we have a healing and clearing at this level in our bodies it can take up to 3 weeks to settle. When it is on land and the home it can be from 6-8 weeks to settle however every home and land differs. 

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