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Nutritional Therapy:
Finding out which foods are eating you rather than giving you, health & vitality. How we react to foods or stress are completely different, in Nutritional therapy we treat each person as an individual & each programme is tailored to your needs, likes / dislikes, using foods and specific nutrients as appropriate to help you achieve your optimal health, energy levels and feeling of wellbeing. It is beneficial for children & adults alike. Your initial consultation may take up to1 ½ hours, during which time a thorough analysis of your current diet and lifestyle is performed.
Nutritional therapy may benefit the following conditions; IBS, constipation, diarrhoea, bloating, heartburn, indigestion, PMS, PCOS, endometriosis, menopause, preparing for pregnancy, Acne, eczema, Chronic fatigue, migraine, weight management, cravings, raised cholesterol, sinusitis, stress & low mood to name a few.
A review of your plan is recommended 4 weeks after your first consultation to adjust any areas needed. This depends on the complexity & severity of the condition been treated.
Shamanic Nutrition
Since ancient times Shamanism has been an integral aspect of many cultures teaching us how to live in harmony with nature & others. It is based on living in balance with all of life. 
What beliefs, thoughts, patterns and habits are stopping you from making healthier choices, losing weight, feeling happy or clearing health issues. 
When you sometimes  react to situations in a way that you feel isn't really you, nor what you represent. This may manifest at work, in your relationships and you keep feeling depleted or powerless after certain encounters.
Do you sometimes feel stuck like you are not making any progress in certain areas of your life? 
Shamanic Nutrition helps to get rid of emotional and energetic baggage that you no longer need to hold onto so that you actualise your full potential.
Each session is different, as the intensity and level of work performed is done in respect to the degree to which you are ready to shift.
When emotions remain unresolved or trapped, they can manifest as physical or psychological ailments. 
I find the fusion of shamanism and  nutrition exceptionally powerful, knowing that complete healing requires that we tend to each level of our being; the physical, emotional and spiritual. I believe that a pure diet specifically tailored to your own needs can bring you to new levels of vitality and radiance while activating your intuition and spiritual connection.
Learning to eat as nature provides & which foods support each system of the body could help to live a healthy, balanced daily life. 
Shopping with your Nutritional Therapist: A lot of people get diet & lifestyle plans that need a little patience & time to adjust to so I am available to accompany you on a shopping trip to advise & educate on healthy food options to complement your nutritional consultation allowing an easier stress free transition.
What we eat affects every system in our bodies, thus eating the right foods for YOU is essential for good health.