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Shamanic Healing

I have an original and unique way of looking at connecting to the lower astral realms and been able to bring forth the healing that is needed for your highest good at a level you are comfortable with. I am a vessel that creates this sacred space to allow you to open to your awareness for self-healing.    

I work with all aspects that might be affecting you, throwing you off form e.g., old patterns and cycles, people, situations of the past, fear or anxieties of the future, being stuck in the present, relationships with ourselves and those around us and how these all impact your daily life.  

I will offer you the tools and techniques to aid you, to help focus on your health and well-being. I work closely with the ancestors, spirit guides, archetypes, the medicine wheel, animal guides, power animals, the angels, archangels, higher beings of light, the Fairy and Sídhe, all the elements and more, all in a safe and sacred space for you.

Each session differs, from the techniques I use, - drumming, rattling, smudging, chanting, hands-on healing etc, to hold a space for these patterns to realise and release, so that you can feel and see clearly, be grounded and have a sense of belonging within you.

I am not always the right practitioner for you, so please allow yourself to be guided.